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About us

Who is behind of tag2find?

tag2find was created by Martin Carpella, Krispin Hable and Marc Stein during the time at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria (in the heart of Europe).

After working in the field of information retrieval in cooperation with Prof. (FH) Dr. Stephan Dreiseitl we started to research possibilities to escape the traditional and restraining way of hierarchical file management. From that work and driven by desperation to loose too much time searching for our information on our drives, we created tag2find.


We are based in Hagenberg, Austria. Send us an email, we'd love to hear your feedback  contact@tag2find.com


tag2find is full of possibilities - have fun with it ...

Our team

Right now our team is growing and more people are joining the tag2find team.

Marc Stein (Co- founder & tag2find Management): Marc is from Linz, Upper Austria and studied Software Engineering for Medicine in Hagenberg.  After working for several companies, he decided to start tag2find with his colleagues. Now, he is mainly responsible for the management of tag2find. He plays Baseball and American Football as well as he enjoys good wine, talking with people and joking around, even at work.



Martin Carpella (Co-founder & Backend development): Martin is from Linz, Upper Austria. He studied Software Engineering for Medicine in Hagenberg. After his graduation he joined a research team at the R&D department of the university. Now working at tag2find team he is responsible for the backend development, data management, search algorithms and last (but not least) for most of the system administrative tasks related to the tag2find website. His rare spare time he spends with his friends, family, doing some sports or spending even more time in front of the computer. Well, like he says he is a little bit of a computer freakā€¦

Krispin Hable (Co-founder & UI Designer): Krispin is from Neumarkt im Muehlkreis, Upper Austria. He studied Software Engineering in Hagenberg and now he is doing a specialization on Technical Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Work at the tag2find team becomes more and more an important part of his life since he is the responsible of the design, implementation and improving the main UI of tag2find. He likes sports shooting and mountainbike as well as everything regarding old-timers which also includes old-timer rallies.

Yannella Amendola (Marketing Intern): Native of Venezuela, Yannella studied Marketing at the Universidad de Valencia, Spain. She recently moved to Linz (Autria) to start her first marketing experience in tag2find. She enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and travelling around the world. She loves reggaeton music, dancing and shopping. For now, her big challenge will be to spread out tag2find to the people and let them enjoy it. Of course learning German or even Austrian is another challenge ;-)

Philip Spitzlinger (Programmer): Philip is from Braunau/Inn, Upper Austria. After he finished the technical high school, he spent one year of social service helping handicapped people at the Lebenshilfe Upper Austria. He already finished his studies of Software Engineering in Hagenberg and currently he is attending the master program. His role in the tag2find team is being a C++ and C# programmer. He likes to play Ultimate Frisbee in the Stackoverflow team (www.stacko.org), inline skating, going out with friends, joggling and playing diabolo, devilstick, guitar and boardgames.

Stefan Chirstian Fasching (Testing): Stefan is from Tyrol, west of Austria (like he said the most beautiful part of the world). He studied Software Engineering for Medicine in Hagenberg. He has already finished the Bsc this year and now he is in the master program of his studies. His main role at tag2find is testing the application. He likes climbing, reading, beach volleyball and rock 'n roll & boogie dancing.

Further members:

Willi Wageneder (Web)
Hannes Schmid (Web)