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Download Development Version (Technical Preview)

Step 1: Check requirements

Windows XP (Home, Professional) or Vista, 32-Bit, NET Runtime 2.0 (can be downloaded by installer), NTFS formatted file system, Administrative rights for installation

Step 2: Download

  • The technical preview of tag2find is free.
  • Optional you can download Windows Media Player 9+ for integrated music and video playing.

Version: (2,23 MB)

Soon to come: Get information about our next generation of tag2find (see screenshots). It will be hot - perfect for the upcoming summer.

Read current news on our blog or discuss with us about the next features in our forum.

tag2find guide line

Get your PDF (2.4 MB) about tag2find features: Initiates file downloadEnglish, Deutsch, EspaƱol

Step 3: Enjoy!

  • Once you have installed tag2find, start to create your own world of information and your way of organizing the information.
  • Free your mind with tag2find!
  • Finally, send us feedback to improve tag2find for you: contact@tag2find.com