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How can I download tag2find technical preview?
Go to download and click on download to install tag2find technical preview.

Will be the first public version available for free?
We plan to have always a free version for homer users.


Why do you call it a technical preview and not beta?
Because tag2find still needs some improvements. After several feedback and improving rounds we are looking forward to change it to a beta version. Therefore, we are looking forward to receive your feedbacks and ideas which will be part of our life cyle process. So, if yo want to help us - contact us!

What are the minimum requirements to run tag2find?
Windows XP (Home, Professional) or Vista, 32-Bit-Version, .NET Runtime 2.0, NTFS formatted file system, administrative rights for installation. We are sorry, but there is currently no 64bit-version, but we hope to provide one soon.


Will tag2find only work with an administrative account?
No, tag2find works perfectly with an ordinary user account. An administrative account, however, is required for installation, as tag2find installs a Windows system service for keeping tracks of your files. Users are free to tag every file they have write access to.


Where do I get .NET Runtime 2.0?
If you install tag2find without .NET Runtime 2.0, the installer will give you an option to download it or you download it directly from Microsoft at this link.

What is a “tag”?
A tag is simply a label or keyword that describes your file for making it easier to find.

Is there a best way to tag?
There is not a regulated behaviour to the validity of tags because it is made with the knowledge and the experience of the person who assigned it. You can assign as many tags as you wish to each file and rename or delete the tags later. Individual tags are separated by commas. As an example, you can tag a file “movies, comedy” and later if you are looking for a comedy movie you can enter or click on that tag and get all the movies for that generic that have been tagged that way.

Why do I see files I cannot open?
The technical preview is primarily target at single user workstations, so tag2find always will return all tagged files of supported local volumes. If you share your workstation with other users and they tag files within their "My Documents" area, you will not be able to access these files as they are private. Even as you can see these files in your search result, you will not be able to open them, as tag2find does (nor ever will) tamper with the content of files. We are working on limiting search result to only contain files accessible/visible to the current user, to further improve privacy.
For this technical preview version, please consider all tags, and the information which file has been tagged with which tag, as public. So if the knowledge of the existence of a certain file is compromising for you, please refrain from tagging this file for now.

The Configuration Wizard tells me my harddisks are not supported. What can I do?
We are sorry, at the moment tag2find only supports NTFS as file system. Most OEM PCs come with NTFS. If you are using FAT32 on your local harddisk you should really consider upgrading it to NTFS, as NTFS is more stable and robust, as it is a journaling file system and provides a lot of features (security, sparse file, compression, encryption, etc.). If you are interested in the topic, we can recommend the Wikipedia's NTFS article for further information.
(Note: FAT32 can be converted to NTFS but not back!)

What is the NTFS Change Journal?
The NTFS Change Journal is a mechanism provided by Microsoft's NTFS which records all activity on an NTFS volume. T2F relies on this log to update its database. tag2find initializes the journal to a size of 25MB, which is enough to log around one week of change information.
If you turn off the change journal, tag2find will reactivate it, as it is an integral part of tag2find for monitoring the file system for changes. Besides tag2find, other applications rely on the change journal as well (especially backup applications).

Does NTFS Change Journal slow down my harddisks?
The NTFS Change Journal does not effect everyday's use, regarding performance. The only known small performance implication known to the developers is, if you are deleting huge amounts of small files at once (and who does this on a regular basis anyway?)

Why are some tags not removed when I delete the last file that uses this tag?
Most likely you have not checked the option "Include results from recycle bin" the options dialog of Mangement Console. This means, in reality there will be files that still have this tag. Try checking this option and search again. The tag will be removed as soon as the file is deleted definitely from the recycle bin.
A second possibility is that another user of your computer has tagged a file with the given tag and you are not entitled to see the file that has the tag.