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Privacy Policy


We collect certain well-defined data from our users which participate in the "technical preview" program. This data is required to allow you to sign up and receive your download credentials. The data collected consists of:

  • your e-mail address
  • your password

By submitting your e-mail address you accept that you might receive information about our the "technical review" program, including the required credentials to download the software. We might occasionally send you some information about the progress of our development.

For technical reasons, the tag2find website uses a browser cookie to track your login state. We also keep a statistic of which versions users download in order to optimize our support efforts.


We will never give your e-mail address to anyone else, unless required to do so by law or court order.


Submitting Feedback

You may (and are very welcome to!) submit feedback using various means, including using the Feedback Wizard in tag2find. This wizard might (with your permission) send us problem reports of errors that occurred. We will treat any sensitive information inside those bug reports as confidential and will never share them with anyone else.

We might, however, use/rephrase suggestions you submit us as comments to use in discussions with other members of the community.


Participating in the tag2find Community

When participating in the tag2find community (forum, blog, etc.), all information you provide is voluntarily and is visible on the Internet to other members of the community and to the general public.

Your community accounts are not connected to your "technical preview" membership account, so you could use another e-mail address there.


Removal of Data

You can at any time request us to terminate your "technical preview" membership account. We will mark your account inactive and no longer send you the "technical preview" information. Please note, however, that our Terms of Service (License Agreement) require you to uninstall the "technical preview" software if you terminate your membership.


HTTP Logging

tag2find's website is hosted on a server in Germany. To comply with German law, we inform you that requests to this web-server are logged, containing the following information:

  • IP Address
  • Requested page / requested service
  • Browser Banner (voluntarily provided by you / your browser)
  • Referrer (voluntarily provided by you / your browser)

This information is collected purely for statistical reasons and cannot be linked to you personally. tag2find may use external services (like Google Analytics) to monitor the usage of the website and optimize its services.

In order to debug our web software, error conditions and data entered into forms on this site may be logged purely for debugging reasons.

For technical reasons, several services require the use of "cookies", which link requests to your login, to ensure only authenticated users are able to access restricted services (also refer to section Registration).