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You will find everything (documents, movies, images, music, etc.)  on your desktop by simply using tags*. It does not matter where your files are stored on your disk, you will find them anyway.

With tag2find you do not need to have inflexible folder structures anymore: tagging frees your information.


* a tag is simply a label or keyword that describes your file for making it easer to find.

How it works?

 Create a tag for your file

  • Tags are based on your personal associations.
  • Use how many tags you want.
  • Tag files to be esaily and quickly accesible.
  • Tag all kind of files (documents, movies, images, music, etc.)

 Find your files in an easy way

  • Persistent tagging - move your files around or copy them. Your tags will still stick to your files.
  • Limit your search for types of files.
  • Drag& Drop your files for others applications.

Downolad now!

  •  Download for free.
  • Directories & folders were the structure of the 20th century. Now it's time for something new - TAG IT!