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Export / Import

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If you are going to set up your computer again or if you want to move over files to a new computer you can use export/import of tag2find.

Now you can do the following to save and restore you precious tag information: open up a new TagBrowser and select “Export…” from the “File” menu. A wizard will guide you to exporting your tag information to an XML file. This file contains in plain text, which tags are applied to which file. If you copy this file over to a new computer, you can then chose “Import…” and chose the XML file for importing files. It will load all tags from the XML file and display an edit view with all found files and the loaded tags. If you chose “Save”, the tags will be added to those files.

Please note, that for importing tags the files need to be at the same path as they were when exporting the tags. We will work on this in later releases to allow more flexibility here.

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