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Basic Tag-Suggestions

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When installing tag2find for the first time, the most amount of work goes into building your own tag world. To aid you in this task, we now provide a wizard which will provide you with initial tag suggestions. After installation, it will automatically open tag2find to guide you through a basic tagging for your files. At the moment, we are at the beginning for providing those suggestions and will continue to put effort into development to get smart suggestions.


This version provides suggestions based on

  • folder path: often existing path names can also be used as tags, so this can get help you get started
  • file names: based on the filename, the type of the file is determined and tags for music, documents, images, etc. are suggested
  • metadata: MP3 files already contain metadata, called ID3; this data is extracted and suggested as tags

You can start the wizard at any time by selecting “File” -> “Add Files from” -> “Directories”.